Baby Brush (Taimou-fude) and Kumanofude

It is an age-old tradition in Japan, for families to celebrate the birth of a child by creating a "baby brush" from the child's first hair. This brush represents the family's wish for the baby to grow up healthy and wise.

A baby's first hair is soft and fuzzy, and appears in the womb to protect the child. This hair from the womb (taimō in Japanese) is the only hair a person will ever have, whose tips are shaped by nature rather than by scissors. This means that creating a brush from such hair is quite literally a "once in a lifetime" opportunity; the brush becomes an object of unique significance in this child's life. Few things can express parental love, or the solemn wish for a prosperous future for the child, as well as a baby brush.

A baby brush allows parents to forever preserve and relive the whirlwind of emotions they experience at childbirth. For the child, the brush, crafted from a part of the child's own body, can serve as an amulet for life. Imagine the joy of creating an amulet for your newborn child, safeguarding it as they grow up, then presenting it to them on their wedding day!

Our company's baby brushes are crafted in Kumano-chō (Hiroshima prefecture), Japan's foremost spot for the craft of brushmaking. Each brush is individually handmade, lovingly and with great care, by trained artisans. Visit our home page, where you can order your own brush with just a few clicks.