Since its establishment as a brush manufacturer in 1869, we have manufactured many different types of brushes. As the leading company in the brush industry, we will strive to maintain the traditional craft goods of Japan and export them globally.

Address 4-7-24 Nakamizo Kumano-cho, Aki-gun, Hiroshima 731-4214
Telephone : ( 082 ) 854-1145
Fax : ( 082 ) 854-1146
Payment Method Paypal
Payment Due Date At the time of purchasing
Additional Costs Japanese consumption tax (10%) and shipping cost
Availability of Products All products listed on the website are in stock and available at all times.
Delivery Time and date specified by the purchaser.
Shipping cost
China, South Korea, Taiwan 18 USD
Asia (excuding China, South Korea, Taiwan) 24 USD
Oceania 36 USD
U.S.A. 44 USD
Canada, Mexico 36 USD
Central America 45 USD
South America 45 USD
the Middle And Near East 36 USD
Europe 36 USD
Africa 45 USD
Return Policy and Terms
Damaged or defective items, or Wrong or missing items
If the items have any damage or defective parts, or if you receive the wrong items or items that you didn't order, contact us first to initiate a return within fourteen days of delivery. We will immediately exchange the items. Return the items by COD and we will pay for the shipping costs for the exchanged items.
Returns and refund
You may return unused and undamaged items within fourteen days of delivery. You must pay for the return shipping cost. If you wish to return the items, contact us first to initiate the process. We will refund the money through PayPal within fourteen days of the items' return.
Non-returnable conditions
We will not accept the return:
After fourteen days of delivery unless acceptable reasons can be given.
If items have been used or damaged by you.

About Point

A point is granted to the individual who registered membership (It's called "member" in the following) based on "About handling of personal information."

How to Grant Points

We will grant points when you participate in the promotion we offer.

  • We possess the right to decide about granting of a point, condition about the points, timing of granting the point, and the expiration of the point, and each member have to follow our decision.

Expiration date of the points

There is an expiration date in use of your point. sYou can check it when you log in to a member page.

  • The expiration date of a point is set each promotion to offer.
  • You cannot use the point which expired.
  • We cannot compensate for the point which expired. Nor, we have no responsibility for the point which expired.
  • If you lose our membership qualification, you will lose all the points you possess.
  • If you lose your points, you will not have any kind of claim rights to us.

How to Use It

You can use the point as part of or all of the bill for the products (which we specified) sold on this site as 1 USD for 100 point.

  • We sometimes change the eligible products for point use, or the condition of the point use.
  • You cannot exchange a point into cash.
  • If you would return the goods or the merchandise would be cancelled, a subtracted point would be returned. In this case, the expired date of the returned point would be the same with the original.
  • The person who is granted the point only can use the point. A third person cannot use the point.
  • You will manage your mail address and a password strictly by your responsibility. We assume that the member would use the point if the mail address and the password used at the time of point use were match with registered one. Even when that was unauthorized use by a third person, we don't return the used point. We have no responsibility about the disadvantage or the damage which was resulted from unauthorized use.

Prohibited matter

  • You cannot transfer, resale, collateral, pawn, and perform other things to dispose the point.
  • When we judge that proper use of a point was suspected by iniquity, an illegal act and a law violation act, etc., we can call off, cancel, or put the use and the transactions for which a point was used, and you have to follow our decision.

Change in the Point Condition

We possess the right to change in the contents, to cancel or to terminate without notice about the point in this page, and you will follow our judgement. Even if disadvantage or damage has occurred to a member by the change, cancel, terminate, we have no responsibility for it.