Announced the New Calligraphy Brush Brand “TONSU” with Iconic Design

Hiroshima Artist Brush Mfg. Co., Ltd., which has a 150-year history of brush making, has introduced calligraphy brushes that use iconic characters and wooden handle. We will release a new brand of calligraphy brushes with a unique shape, “TONSU”, for autumn. This brand offers a new lifestyle of calligraphy brushes under the direction of designer, Mr. Takumi Shimamura, who is good at eco-friendly designs.

Hiroshima Artist Brush Mfg. Co., Ltd. boasts a history of more than 150 years in Kumano, the capital of brush-making in Japan. We have a wide lineup of calligraphy brushes, which are our main products, from elementary school entry users to calligraphers. We are also challenging the overseas market by holding workshops and calligraphy contests to spread calligraphy in the U.S. market and exhibiting at exhibitions in Europe. Since the 2000s, we have been working on the production of our own brand makeup brushes, and have produced many Kumano makeup brushes. In January 2023, the new makeup brush brand “kimeri” has been announced. Presented at the Maison & Objet exhibition in Paris, it has been well received.

“Tonsu” means when the brush is placed on the paper at the beginning of writing kanji character, it is the first stroke (shihitsu) (“ton” in rhythm), when it is moved to the side it is the sending brush (sohitsu) (“su” in rhythm), and when the brush is finally stopped (shuhitsu) (“ton” in rhythm). It refers to the rhythm (seppo) that is born when writing with. Aiming for calligraphy brushes that can be enjoyed by beginners to advanced users, there are mobile-themed ultra-compact calligraphy sets and pen-style brushes that can be used anywhere. We propose an iconic calligraphy brush that allows you to experience a completely new calligraphy experience that follows the brush etiquette.