The Excellent Calligraphy Work Announcement in January

The excellent "shodo" (calligraphy) work announcement in January at the "shodo" contest in
"Shukan NY Seikatsu" (Newspaper in NYC) which we sponsor.
We will present our Kumanofude (calligraphy brush made in Kumano, Japan) to the winners for
the Year 2023 as an extra prize.

We will exhibit at "MAISON & OBJET" in Paris, France!

We will exhibit the new brand of our makeup brush,"kimeri", at one of the world's highest quality
decoration, design and lifestyle Exhibitions "MAISON & OBJET" held at Paris, France
on January 19-23, 2023.

Please come and visit us at Paris, France!

We Celebrate Our 154th Anniversary of Brush-making!

Mr. Yasubei Shiromoto (great-great-grandfather of the current President) became a brush craftsman in 1869 (Meiji 2) and started fude-making in Kumano Town.

Mr. Shodai Joichi Shiromoto received the license from Hiroshima Prefecture as "Fude Yui (making and selling brushes)" first in Kumano Town in January 1881 (Meiji 14), and we, as a company named “Shiromoto Shouten,” started brush manufacturing and selling, officially. Therefore, January 1881 is the official foundation year of our company, and this year is 142nd anniversary!

We also celebrate our 154th anniversary of brush-making, and we appreciate your long-time patronage to our company and our brushes!


We selected the Best Shodo Performance Awards for the Year of 2022 at Shukan New York Seikatsu where we have sponsored the shodo contest.
The Highest Award goes to Ms. Aoi Kono (12th Grade), the Prize for the Excellent Work goes to Ms. Yuka Fukui (3rd Grade) and Ms. Ayane Idota (7th Grade), and Hiroshima Artist Brush Special Prize goes to Ms. Eiko Kawaguchi. We present our Kumanofude (calligraphy brush made in Kumano, Japan) to the above four winners as an extra prize.
The shodo contest for the Year of 2023 has just started. Please join the contest.