Kumano Virtual Fudematsuri 2021!

Kumano Virtual Fudematsuri 2020!
We are back online!
Although we have cancelled our in-person “Fudematsuri” this year, we are instead having a “Virtual Fudematsuri 2021” online from September 18 (Sat) to September 23 (Thu), 2021.
In the Virtual Fudematsuri 2021, there will be lots online events, including the “Fudekuyou”, the “Fudenoichi”, and others!
The “Fudekuyou" (brush memorial service) is a Shinto ritual which shows gratitude to the brushes which are worn out and finished their roles, as well as to the animals who provided hair for them, and we throw brushes in a holy fire for this memorial service.
The “Fudenoichi" is a brush market where 24 brush manufacturers in Kumano will sell their brushes (and other items) on sale, with up to 40% off only for this period.
Our company will sell our brushes and the others at the "Fudenoichi."
We will also have a live online demonstration of how to make brushes during the festival.
Please come and join us at Kumano Virtual Fudematsuri 2021! (Sorry, there is no English website this year.)