New Products! Coloring Brush Pen named "FUDEHIME" Launched!

● “Fudehime” Coloring Brush Pens are handmade by a special craftsman.
▶ The tips are painstakingly produced with a special elastic fiber.
▶ The hairs are elastic and perfectly gathered together, making this brush perfect for writing calligraphy and for drawing pictures.
▶ You can experiment with lines of various thickness and appreciate the three-dimensional brushstrokes.
● Smooth, Fluid Brushstrokes
▶ Brush strokes are very smooth due to the aqueous dye ink in the brush.
▶ You can use this brush pen as a watercolour brush. You can experiment with lights and darks, and mixing different colors in your palette!
You can use “Fudehime” in various ways
● Composing picture letters, postcards, and memo cards
● Calligraphy
● Watercolor paintings, coloring books, sketches, and more