KUMANO Makeup Brush Set With KIMONO

和風化粧筆セット3本B (経済産業省のThe Wonder 500 ™”認定)
70 USD

The Wonder 500 project is a regionally-driven Cool Japan project designed to discover “local products that are the pride and joy of Japan but not yet known outside of Japan,”
and then promote them around the world. Our “Kumano Makeup Brush Set with Kimono” is selected as one of “ The Wonder 500.”
These brushes, together with the KIMONO case, won the Bronze medal in the Essential Japan Category at the Most Attractive Japanese Souvenirs Award Competition 2011, organized by the Japan Tourism Agency.


12-4S shadow brush(large) (Pony)
10-1S shadow brush(small) (Blue squirrel & Weasel)
TL-3 lip brush (Weasel)